Tower Bloxx (Shareware)

Tower Bloxx is a tower building puzzle game created by the company, Digital Chocolate Games. It offers two modes of play named “Quick Game” and “Build City”. In “Build City”, the player’s goal is to create a city and fill it with as many residents as possible. Each city consists of different towers, which the player must build using a crane. The crane sways back and forth and the player controls it by pressing the five key to drop the blocks. The blocks must be piled in a straight line to prevent it from collapsing. If a single block is misaligned, it will be difficult for the player to make the building taller. As the player’s building making skills improve, the building’s population capacity also increases.

Every time the player reaches the maximum population capacity, the game unlocks new features like bonus roofs. The different buildings are color-coded – residential buildings are blue-colored, commercial buildings are red-colored, office buildings are green-colored, and posh buildings are yellow-colored. In the “Quick Game” mode, there is no limit in the height of the building. As long as the player piles on the blocks in a straight line, the building can go as tall as the sky, even going beyond the moon and stars.