Tourney Master 3.6.2

Northbyte (Shareware)

Tourney Master is a sports application that enables users to do numerous tournament-related tasks, such as scheduling game times, generating tournament brackets, and exporting reports and brackets to HTML format for online publishing and distribution. This application can be used for many types of sports, including football, softball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball, chess, and many others. Users can create multiple events with as many players and teams as needed. It has support for events that make use of single or double elimination. It also has support for different tournament formats, such as round robin and 3-game guarantee.

Tourney Master has the following advanced features:

• Tournament scheduling – users can simply add dates, times, and the locations of the tournament and the application will generate a schedule. Users can also select games to be scheduled by status or round, and adjust game times until they are satisfied with the result.
• Automated seeding and pairing – the application comes with a random seeding option to fill a bracket randomly, while the advantage seeding option lets users select the specific teams for a certain match.
• Customized sport terminology and appearance – users can add skins to their bracketing output to make these visually appropriate for a certain sport. Users can also choose the sport terminology for a sport from the available templates.