Nicoseles (Proprietary)

TouchPlayer is an application designed for playing any type of media (video and audio) files from the touch screen or touch pad. With it, the user can browse through his albums, playlists, and artists. Its interface consists in a “Library Manager” that allows him to collect, organize, and retrieve his media. By tapping on the screen and swiping sideways or up and down, the user can pause and play files, minimize the window, rewind or fast forward media, turn subtitles on or off, and cycle between multiple subtitles. It supports almost all popular video formats.

The program uses NEON technology to process multimedia formats. This technology is a 128-bit SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) extension for ARM processors. It is engineered to give flexible and efficient acceleration for multimedia programs. SIMD is a Pentium microprocessor feature that allows one instruction (instead of the usual repetitive instructions or “loop”) to operate simultaneously on various items of data. Such ability is particularly useful for TouchPlayer, which processes audio files and visual images.

ARM processors are 32-bit microprocessors that power electronic devices like tablets, mobile phones, and multimedia players. The NEON technology accelerates the processing of algorithms in video encoding and decoding by at least three times the performance of ARM processors. Using these engines, TouchPlayer has the capability to play media files without difficulty.