Touchpad Blocker

KARPOLAN (Freeware)

Touchpad Blocker is a program used for disabling the laptop’s touchpad to prevent the cursor from moving when the user touches the pad with the hands or wrists while typing. It is a simple program that has a small window where users can change the settings for the program’s behavior. When the application is installed, its icon sits on the system tray. The settings window can be brought up by right clicking on the icon and choosing the appropriate selection. To enable the program, users must click on “Block accidental clicks” from the menu on the system tray.

Users can change the program’s settings by clicking on the “Settings” option on the menu. Under settings, the program can be set to automatically launch once the computer starts. Users can also enable or disable notifications from the program. To disable the touchpad, users must place a check mark beside “Block accidental taps and clicks”. The time interval can be set as well. Other options include blocking wheel and movements and enabling the beep whenever a click has been blocked by the program. The count for the number of clicks blocked can also be viewed. For shortcuts, users can add a hotkey for enabling and disabling the program. Touchpad Blocker only works on touchpads manufactured by Synaptics.