Touchkit Application

Vaadin (Proprietary)

The Touchkit Application is developed as a mobile application extension for Vaadin. It is a set of widgets that have been optimized for mobile use and it also contains a framework that can be utilized for mobile application design. This application has support for multiple platforms and does not require installation of other plugins or tools. With this application, users of internal and external business-based applications need not go to app stores in order to access an application, which is usually done when acquiring native phone apps. Those who need the application can simply go to a specified URL, sign in, and get the designed app. Here are the Touchkit Application’s features in detail:

• Dual license – this tool has been licensed under both CVAL and AGPL licenses, which gives users access to the source code. Users can also have a commercial license for the applications they have developed.
• Hardware acceleration – this feature allows for a responsive, as well as a pleasant, user experience. This application also has support for mobile device features such as touchscreen gestures, accelerometers, and cameras.
• Offline mode – with this feature, applications can run without the device being connected to the Internet. This mode allows users to store data and access the data even if they are not connected to the server. Data synchronization will be done when the network connection becomes available.