Ivan Zhakov (Freeware)

TouchFreeze is a utility that deactivates the touchpad of a lap top computer while the user types. The program automatically deactivates the touchpad when the program detects the user typing and stays off while the user types. It reactivates the touchpad when the user stops typing. This utility essentially helps the user save time that would otherwise be used in correcting mistakes caused by hands accidentally coming into contact with the touchpad surface.

TouchFreeze allows the user to type without accidentally tap-clicking (tapping the touch pad is equivalent to clicking a mouse controller) the mouse pointer on feature buttons, lines, and texts. The touchpad of a lap top or a portable computer is located at the bottom center of the keyboard. It is centered between the handrests where the user might slide, brush, or rest their hands on and that can accidentally tap-click where the mouse pointer is currently hovering.

The user can install the program by accepting the run option that pops up in the security program window. A prompt in the installation wizard will ask the user which directory the program will be installed in and the user will choose what folder to place the program in. After installation, the TouchFreeze icon will be displayed on the system tray. Loading or unloading is done by right-clicking the icon.