TouchCopy 11 12.81

Wide Angle Software (Proprietary)

TouchCopy 11 is an application that allows users to transfer and backup content from devices, such as iPods, iPads, or iPhones. It lets users transfer music, playlists, books, call logs, voice memos, bookmarks, call history, podcasts, notes, contacts, calendars, games, applications, and video to the hard drive or directly to the iTunes software installed on the computer. Song data such as album art, ratings, play count can also be copied. Music, as well as videos, can be played to a computer without an installed iTunes software. Photos and images taken with an iPhone can be transferred to another computer as well.

TouchCopy 11 also support backup of messaging such as SMS, MMS and iMessage conversations. These messages are saved as html files like a webpage and pictures sent through messages are saved as JPEG. The user interface is intuitive and simple. The top portion of the screen has the pause and forward buttons as well as Copy to iTunes, Copy to PC and PC backup. Icons of file categories are lined up on the left side and includes iPod, Photos, Camera, Apps, Books, Calendar, Call logs, Contacts, Files, Internet, Messages, and Notes. The central portion of the screen displays the library, genre, artist albums and song list. The bottom portion has buttons for Clear History, Shuffle Play, and Browse.