Touch Quick Launch Panel 4.20

FUJITSU (Freeware)

Touch Quick Launch Panel is an embedded program created and developed by Fujitsu Ltd. as a utility bundled with the Windows operating system installed in Fujitsu Lifebook laptop computers. The most common preinstalled version is v1.2l04.

Its downloadable installer is about 10 megabytes in size, which comprises six files, including its executable file. The Touch Quick Launch panel is used in a huge number of personal computers and laptops, with most of them installed with Microsoft Windows 7. Most Touch Launcher users are based in the United States, although the software is also widely used in the United Kingdom and Indonesia.

Touch Quick Launch Panel enables the user to launch an application with a click of a button. This is possible even if the computer is in ‘pseudo-off’ or suspended mode. ‘Pseudo-off’ refers to a Windows feature in Lifebook notebooks, which means that the computer is turned off even when the power switch indicates that it is turned on. In addition, the program extends the functionality of whatever native media player is installed in the computer. One notable feature allows the player to operate independently, which means that it can instantly play audio files without having to add them to a playlist.