Totem Tribe

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Totem Tribe is a casual, real-time strategy game with a hidden object game element. The player assists Aruku, who, together with his tribe called the Hawk Tribe, seeks to live in the island called Tetala after their homeland was destroyed by a meteor crash. As the leader of the tribe, Aruku must make sure his tribe prospers in the new land. Players help Aruku by aiding him in expanding their territory and guarding it from rival tribes, while seeking the totems that would unlock the secrets of the legendary Tear of Heaven.

The game offers 23 island locations the players can explore and develop into their own territory. There are over 120 quests and puzzles to solve, and also a number of enemies to defeat. Depending on the choices the player makes, there are three possible endings of the game. The highlights of Totem Tribe are as follows:

• A tutorial level to guide first-time players through the basics of the game, such as giving orders and building structures.
• Hidden gems that must be found are scattered across each island. Treasure bonuses may also be found hidden in different locations.
• Simple gameplay that does not involve managing resources and minimum requirements for buildings, allowing players to focus on accomplishing missions away from the tribe
• Mini-quests and missions where players can earn useful spells and unlock magical artifacts