TotalMounter 1.50

KernSafe Technologies (Freeware)

TotalMounter is a CD and DVD tool developed by KernSafe Technologies. It is used for mounting and unmounting disk images of any format; such as BIN, CDI, CCD, ISO, MDF, or NRG as a virtual drive. This tool functions as an advanced virtual CD, DVD-ROM, RAM, and RW emulator. It can run automatically at system startup or be minimized into the system tray.

TotalMounter has an intuitive interface that allows first-time users to easily navigate and work using this tool. It can run using a very low amount of memory and consumes only a small amount of resource in the system. Users are provided with a file browser that can be used to load their current virtual disk image, a virtual CD and DVD-ROM, or a VHD file.

TotalMounter is not just a virtual disk emulator, but also an iSCSI initiator and an INetDisk client. Users can make disk images by producing a CD or DVD-RW virtual drive, wherein data can be stored and burned. Using this tool, users can also remove their current virtual disk, set a temporary path for files, and refresh the list of devices. In the list of devices, users can see the access rights, capacity, and location of every device. It also provides a tutorial which includes snapshots that can guide the users when using the application.