TotalMedia LabelMaker

ArcSoft, Inc. (Proprietary)

TotalMedia LabelMaker is ArcSoft’s disc labeling software bundled with the TotalMedia Extreme software suite. ArcSoft released the latest version of the TotalMedia LabelMaker on March 2012. This program allows users to create customized DVD or CD labels using several design tools. TotalMedia LabelMaker also comes with free custom themes and backgrounds that users may utilize. Users may also create their own themes and backgrounds.

TotalMedia LabelMaker graphical user interface features a gray windowed interface with a preview pane on the left and a sidebar that contains the customization options. The top bar features the commonly-used function buttons—Select, Add, Edit, Text, Open, Save, and Print. Add button allows users to add an image to be used as background. Edit button lets users crop and edit the selected image. Text button allows users to add words or text to the image. TotalMedia LabelMaker also allows users to save a current project and open it at another time. The right side bar shows the custom themes that are bundled with the program. Users may also utilize a plain color as a theme.  

TotalMedia LabelMaker allows users to create labels for the different parts of a DVD or CD. Users may customize labels for the Disc jacket, disc inserts, and the disc itself. Users may select a theme to apply to all parts or customize the labels per part.