Total Spy

iwantsoft (Shareware)

Total Spy is a utility with multiple functions, including monitoring of websites visited, identifying social network activity, and recording instant messages. This utility is also designed to record and keep chat logs and emails sent. In addition, this versatile tool can also make screenshots every few seconds discretely, such that the activity is not detected. Invisibility is possible because the settings allow for the disabling of the program’s tray icon, control panel entry, and menu shortcuts. The reports generated by this program can be viewed by the user anytime and anywhere.

Essentially, Total Spy is an all-in-one program that can spy on what other people are doing on their computers without itself being detected. This tool is invisible to everyone else. Access to it, and visibility for that matter, is granted only to the user. Internet activity can also be monitored by this program, and reports are generated so that users are alerted with regard to websites that are riddled with malware and potentially harmful.

The keylogger feature of Total Spy has many different uses. The user is given a special hotkey to access the keylogger reports. All the keystrokes are meticulously recorded. In addition to recording every single pressed key, the keylogger is also designed to order the actions by date. In this way, forgotten URL and missing passwords may easily be recovered.