Total Recorder (VideoPro Edition) 8.4

High Criteria inc. (Proprietary)

In December 2012, High Criteria released the Total Recorder VideoPro Edition as a video recording solution for consumers. Total Recorder VideoPro Edition allows users to record, edit, and play video files. It supports several video file formats including, WMV, MP4, and AVI, among others. It allows users to capture video from several sources including an attached web camera, a DV camera, DVD player, or TV Tuner. Total Recorder VideoPro Edition also allows background WMV recording of internet video streams or Time-shifting.

Total Recorder VideoPro Edition features advanced recording functionalities including using the computer screen as a video source. Users can record screen activity including window video capture, full screen capture, menu selections, cursor movements, and even region capture.  Total Recorder VideoPro Edition also features video conversion from one file format to another, as long as both are supported by the program. Users may also extract or change an audio stream from an existing video file.

Total Recorder VideoPro Edition also features a Scheduler, which allows users to schedule recording and playbacks of specific video streams. Users may also perform simple video edits of video selections without re-encoding the   entire video. These edits include trims, cuts, or video merges. Total Recorder VideoPro Edition also features multiple monitor support as well as multiple audio stream support.