Total Recorder Editor 13.0.1

Total Recorder (Shareware)

The Total Recorder Editor is an application that makes it possible for users to copy or transfer different types of audio files from one source to another. Apart from providing tools that can assist program users with these transfers, the program also enables the importation of sound files from varying sources including DVDs, television programs, Web radio streams, and many more. The sound files, once copied, are stored in the computer's hard drive for later use.

The Total Recorder Editor program provides its users with more services apart from the transferring or copying of sound files from one source to the next. It also ensures that all sound files are protected. No matter how long users store these files, the integrity and sound quality will always be of top caliber. There are different tools that come with this particular program that also make it possible for editing to be done on any chosen files. Wave record files can easily be divided into several tracks. Users can also isolate sounds from the files. Fading options are also available.

When it comes to file saving features, it is easy to save files using different extensions. When files have been saved, they can then be burned onto external discs without having to shift to a burning application.