Total Overdose

Deadline Games (Shareware)

Total Overdose is an open-world shooter game whose developer is Deadline games. The game’s publisher is Eidos in the United Sates, and Sci Entertainment in Europe. The game was initially released on September 16, 2005 in Europe and September 27, 2005 in the United States. In this game, the player takes the role of Ramiro Cruz, an ex-con who is brought in by the DEA after his twin brother is injured. Due to this twist of event, Ramiro is forced to travel to Mexico in order to infiltrate Mexico’s largest drug cartel and eventually figure out his father’s killer.

Total Overdose is a sandbox/open-world game. Aside from completing the main mission, the player can also search the border town of Los Toros and take on side missions or optional missions to gather bonuses and rack up points. Although the game has a storyline, it is more aligned towards third-person shooting rather than focusing on the story. The game features loco moves. Loco moves are special attacks obtainable by getting high score and combo kills. Some of these loco moves include golden gun, tornado, El Toro, El Mariachi, and more. Aside from weapons and loco moves, the player can also use vehicles, which can be utilized offensively. There are even special vehicles like the Conquistador, Orange Dirtbike, and Purple and Flame Pickup, among others.