Total Network Monitor 1.1.3

Softinventive Lab Inc. (Freeware)

Total Network Monitor is a network monitoring program developed by Softinventive Lab. The program was released on April 2009. The program enables users to manage and monitor all the devices and systems connected to the local network. These devices include computers, servers, printers, and storage devices. The program is geared towards network administrators and not amateur computer users.

Total Network Monitor is a special network program that monitors the file systems, server health, and service operation of the network. Users may customize the program to suit their needs best. Once done, users can run the monitor to display the real time status of the parameters configured. When any of the parameters show a deviation from the normal status, the program will send an alarm to the user to alert of the change. Alarms can be configured to play a sound or do an action like send an email. Users may also configure the program to launch or open another program or to reboot the remote PC. The program can also send a monitor log via email or instant message. The monitor log contains the full history of readings and actions made by the program to assist the user in managing the network.

Total Network Monitor has a graphical user interface divided into three panes. The menu bar sits at the top with options for File, View, Network, Monitor, Tools, and Help.