Total Commander Ultima Prime 5.7

Robert Łajka & Pawel Porwisz (Shareware)

Total Commander Ultima Prime (TCUP) is a third-party software package used for extending the capabilities of the Total Commander program. It is developed by Robert Łajka & Pawel Porwisz and was initially released on November 30, 2011. The application is a compilation of software plus customized settings, plug-ins and add-ons. It provides all the functions, settings and features offered by the original Total Commander application. Aside from this, TCUP is also bundled with different software. It contains over 30 other programs such as AIMP, Ant Movie Catalog, HEXelon MAX, System Information for Windows, Subtitle Workshop and more.

Total Commander Ultima Prime also offers different tools including Tail for Win32, XN ResourceEditor, Revelation, PuTTy and more. There are also three separate tools primarily designed for TCUP. These are Open File shell For TC, TC UP Integrator and TC UP ULTIMATE. The TC UP Integrator provides setting for integrating different programs in the TCUP while the TC Ultimate replaces the Lister feature of Total Commander. TCUP also features more than 50 plug-ins. It offers plug-ins for WCX (Audio Converted, 7zip, ICLRead, GraphicsConverter, etc…), WDX (AceHelper, Device Manager, Ext2 File System, FS NetStat, etc…) and WFX (DVI Simple Viewer, GSA Lister, Md2, ICLView, etc…).

TCUP also features command lines. The program can be called with up to two directories as command line parameters. Doing this will set the directories in the file windows allowing users to generate multiple icons for the Total Commander application.