Total Annihilation

Cavedog Entertainment (Shareware)

Cavedog Entertainment's Total Annihilation is a real time strategy game developed by Cavedog Entertainment and released in September 1997. This RTS game is the first ever to offer 3D terrain and playable units. This game explores a futuristic galactic war set on the surface of various planets and moons. As with traditional RTS games, the objective is to bolster an offensive force to defend a base.

Cavedog Entertainment's Total Annihilation gameplay starts with a mech, which enables the player to construct a military base from which a military force can ensue. This mech is called a Commander. It not only has construction abilities, it is also a combat unit. This game also features the ability to queue commands on units. The game offers two unlimited resources—Metal and Energy. However, collecting resources is quite different from regular RTS games. Resources are streaming—accumulating at a constant rate instead of by small batches. Also, resources are unlimited unlike newer RTS games.  Cavedog Entertainment's Total Annihilation features a variety of controllable units including vehicles, infantry bots, aircrafts, hovercrafts, and long range weaponry. These units have variable speed, size, and capabilities.

Cavedog Entertainment's Total Annihilation user interface features several command and construction buttons that vary according to the selected unit. It also displays resource and unit status information. The interface also features a minimap of the whole battlespace.