TOSHIBA VIDEO PLAYER is a small utility application that enables users to play movies and other video files in their computers. This application is designed for use, and is pre-installed in desktop and laptop computers manufactured by TOSHIBA.

TOSHIBA VIDEO PLAYER features a simple interface that quickly plays supported video formats. These include DVD, AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, and FLV. Aside from these, TOSHIBA VIDEO PLAYER can recognize, import and play video files from external devices such as optical discs and external hard drives. TOSHIBA VIDEO PLAYER provides basic controls that allow users to change volume, play, stop, rewind and fast forward videos, import subtitles, and skip between a playlist of various videos. Users may choose to play the video in a small window or in full screen. TOSHIBA VIDEO PLAYER can easily be accessed by right clicking a video file, and then selecting the application from the “Play With” quick menu. Another way is to select TOSHIBA VIDEO PLAYER as the user’s default video player and simply double click on the video file.

TOSHIBA VIDEO PLAYER’s main control panel is located on the bottom part of the window. The main display window shows a list of recently played videos. It also shows the video file’s profile with information such as video title, author, and video length.