Toshiba TEMPRO 2.0

TOSHIBA Europe GmbH (Freeware)

Toshiba TEMPRO is a software service that once installed, allows for fine-tuning the performance of one’s computer.  It can be uninstalled or disabled at any time by the user.

Laptop performance can be compromised or lessened when one puts in too much software into it or when computer settings are messed up. Toshiba TEMPRO monitors and analyses one’s laptop to bring about its optimal stability and performance. Software features include software update alerts sent to one’s Tempro inbox in one’s own laptop, memory and disk space monitoring, laptop warranty status update, news on laptop specific service messages, and model and serial number correction - to make certain that one gets the most recent software alerts. The software monitors and gives alerts on the amount of disk space available.  It continuously inspects one’s computer system and locates conditions that hinder it from running at peak performance.  In case of warranty status, it examines the kind of warranty one has and when it elapses.  Toshiba, as they continue to improve their service, advises users to continually upgrade to latest versions of the program since they are equipped with more features, to further optimize laptop performance.  A faster boot up time is apparent in current versions of this software than those of the original.