Toshiba Security Assist

Toshiba (Freeware)

Toshiba Security Assist is a program used for managing passwords and other security functions for several Toshiba computers. It serves as the computer’s command center for setting up different passwords and other security measures. This provides users with the ability to manage and construct a more efficient security system for Toshiba computers. The program is available in certain Toshiba models including Portege, Satellite, Tecra, and others.

Toshiba Security Assist offers several categories that display certain types of encryption or other security functions used in that category. There is the Boot Setting category that provides security settings to prevent unauthorized users from opening the computer. Available settings for this category include HDD User Password, BIOS User Password, and Fingerprint Authentication. Protecting separate user accounts is also possible through the Log-on Settings Category. This category is useful when multiple accounts are used in a computer. Available settings for this include Password for All Users, Password for Current User, and Fingerprint Authentication.

Toshiba Security Assist provides a category for configuring the security options when resuming the system from Hibernation or Sleep. This category is called Resume Setting. Another category available in this program is TPM Settings. In this category, users can set up the TPM (Trusted Platform Module). Available settings for this include TPM State, EFS Setting, BitLocker State, and PSD Setting. The remaining categories available in the program includes a category for checking the status of all the security features (Others category) and a category for checking the advanced security features (Advanced category).