TOSHIBA Power Saver 6.0


Toshiba Power Save is a utility program developed by Toshiba Corporation. It is used for configuring the settings of power management in Toshiba laptops. This program requires the Toshiba ACPI common modules (TVALD). Its main goal is to extend the battery consumption of Toshiba laptops. The program offers two main modes – Settings when running the notebook from an AC adapter and Settings when running the notebook from the battery. Default configuration when running from battery is to ensure that the laptop yields a longer battery life with logical performance. However, you may adjust these settings as well as the timeout values that suits the users’ needs.

Toshiba Power Save offers settings menu for the processor speed. This is where users can reduce the clock speed of the CPU for longer battery life or increase it for enhanced performance. Configuring the Intel SpeedStep menu can also be done. The Intel SpeedStep menu is used for adjusting the clock speed of the CPU based on the requirements of the laptop’s installed operating system and applications. There is also a Display Brightness menu where adjustments on the backlight brightness of the LCD can be done. A timer-based setting – Display Power Off – is also available. This setting is used to turn off the notebook’s display backlight after a certain amount of time interval. Another timer-based setting is also available called Hard Drive Power Off, which is used to turn off the motor of your hard drive after a specified amount of time. If you want your laptop to enter Standby Mode or Hibernate, the program features System Standby and System Hibernate timer-based settings.