TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor


Toshiba PC Health Monitor is a utility application designed for laptop and notebook computers manufactured by Toshiba Corporation. This application is preinstalled in several Toshiba laptop and notebook computers or can be downloaded free of charge from Toshiba’s website. Toshiba PC Health Monitor enables users to monitor and manage their computer’s system functions. This application displays information about the computer’s system attributes such as Electric Power consumption and levels, Core temperature, and disk drive status. For Electric Power, Toshiba PC Health Monitor displays the laptop battery’s remaining charge, the amount of system power consumption, and the computer’s battery health. For Core Temperature, the application shows the current CPU temperature, and the computer’s fan speed. Toshiba PC Health Monitor displays all these information as percentage values. For Hard Disk status, Toshiba PC Health Monitor displays the optical disc drive 3D sensor status, as well as the SSD and HDD status.

Toshiba PC Health Monitor features a simple and straightforward interface that requires little control actions from the part of the user. The application can easily be accessed from the system tray. Upon opening the application, Toshiba PC Health Monitor would immediately display the computer attribute status by means of icons representing power and energy usage levels, CPU temperature and fan speed, and hard disk drive status. In addition to these, Toshiba PC Health Monitor provides an options menu on the bottom portion of the program window where users may change the application’s advanced settings.