TOSHIBA Password Utility 3.0.6

TOSHIBA (Freeware)

Toshiba Password Utility is an integrated password application used for assigning additional security mechanism to a user account. It lets users encode certain character combinations and set them as passwords to a user-defined location. The utility works in conjunction with the Toshiba Common Module. Toshiba Password Utility adds strong user restrictions to a computer. Once, a user password has been assigned, it will prompt users that a reboot is necessary to apply the major changes it has made to the system.

Toshiba Password Utility may or may not come preinstalled on a Toshiba computer. However, it is available for download via the Toshiba support site. It is imperative that one must select only the utility version designed for his specific computer model, since an incompatible version will not work or function at the optimum. After the utility has been installed, a wizard will automatically launch and guide users on the step-by-step procedure of assigning a user password. There is an option that allows users to modify or delete previously registered passwords and switch these with different passwords. The wizard will ask then users to input the new password twice to ensure consistency and to verify if they intend to assign the combination as the new system password.