TOSHIBA HDD SSD Alert is a utility application that enables users to view the status of their computer’s hard disk drive. This application supervises and monitors the hard disk drive and notifies the user in case a hardware failure is about to happen. TOSHIBA HDD SSD Alert is a default install in certain laptop and notebook computer models manufactured by TOSHIBA. This application works by displaying a description of the hard disk drive status as well as tips and steps to recover or repair the problem encountered by the computer. In addition to these, TOSHIBA HDD SSD Alert is also capable of creating a backup of a user’s files such as music, videos, movies, documents, programs, system settings, network settings, and other hardware and driver configurations. Users may use this backup data along with a disk recovery tool to repair the disk drive in case a major error or system failure occurs.

TOSHIBA HDD SSD Alert features a simple user interface that can be accessed from the computer’s system tray. Clicking on the icon will display the program window that shows the computer hard disk drives status. TOSHIBA HDD SSD Alert runs automatically during startup and does not consume much system memory to monitor the hard disk drives status.