TOSHIBA Eco Utility


TOSHIBA Eco Utility is a utility application designed by Toshiba Corporation for its modern line of laptop and notebook computers. This application allows users to monitor and manage their computer’s power consumption allowing users to conserve energy of their laptop and notebook computers. TOSHIBA Eco Utility is lightweight, free, and is pre-installed in several laptop and notebook computers designed by Toshiba. TOSHIBA Eco Utility works by displaying information about the user’s real time energy consumption. The application also suggests a power consumption plan for the user and then shows the approximate amount of energy saved once the user applies the energy-saving settings on their laptop or notebook computer. This setting can be configured to be activated on a set schedule. Users may activate “Eco” mode on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In addition to energy consumption, TOSHIBA Eco Utility displays the amount of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emission from the user’s computer before and after activating Eco Mode.  

TOSHIBA Eco Utility features a simple user interface that can be accessed from the desktop’s system tray. Upon clicking the program icon, the main window will display the user interface that has two main parts. The left panel displays the Eco mode activation and its settings. This panel also displays the power consumption rate in watts. The right panel displays a visual graph of the user’s power consumption with eco mode on, and eco mode off. The bottom part of the screen displays four tabs that include Settings, Report, Advanced, and Help.