TOSHIBA DVD Player is a program that enables users to play DVD and HD DVD videos in their computers. This program is preinstalled and runs exclusively on several laptop and notebook computers manufactured by Toshiba Corporation. TOSHIBA DVD Player is capable of reading and playing video content of DVD and HD DVD discs along with a physical DVD reader. This program is easy to use, and provides basic video player controls such as play, pause, stop, skip, back, fast forward, rewind, volume controls, seek bar, and playlist display. TOSHIBA DVD Player is also capable of playing DVD movies in window or full screen mode. This program can be set as the default DVD player in the laptop, which can automatically play DVD movies once the computer detects an inserted DVD or HD DVD disc into the disc drive. In addition to these, TOSHIBA DVD Player also provides easy access to the program settings by means of hotkeys, keyboard shortcuts, and quick menus.

TOSHIBA DVD Player features a simple user interface that contains the basic parts of a media player. Users may view the movie in a window while the controls are found in a separate console. TOSHIBA DVD Player also provides a settings window where users may configure the display settings, language settings, action settings, and audio settings. This section contains options that enable users to select subtitle language, audio track language, and subtitle font style and font color.