TOSHIBA Disc Creator


TOSHIBA Disc Creator is a disc authoring software that was initially released in November 2009. With the application, users can create audio and data CDs or DVDs, and backup discs. On the program’s start up menu, there are three basic options under Standard Menu – Audio CD, Data CD/DVD, and Disc Backup. Users can also access the Advanced Menu by clicking on the button at the bottom of the window. The Advanced Menu shows two options – Disc to Image, and Image to Disc.

After choosing the option from the menu, the program opens a folder containing all the video, music, or image files. Users can then choose files from the folder, or manually open another folder containing files. Once the files are chosen, TOSHIBA Disc Creator automatically starts the burning process. Users do not have to manually choose burning settings, since the program automatically detects the type of disc inserted in the drive. It also chooses the best burning options for creating the disc. This software can be used even by novice computer users.

The TOSHIBA Disc Creator program can be used on the following TOSHIBA computers:
Portege (R700 – S1330, R705-SP3002L, etc.)
Satellite (C655 – SP6001L, C655 – SP6001M, C655 – SP4164M, C655 – SP4164)
Satellite Pro (L500 – SP6018L, L500 – SP6018M, L500 – SP6016M, L500 – SP6016L)
Tecra (A11-SP5003L, A11-ST3500, A11-SP5003M, etc.)
TOSHIBA models with parts numbers starting in PSLUAU