Toshiba Book Place

Toshiba (Freeware)

Toshiba Book Place is a program developed by Toshiba for browsing, downloading and reading a wide variety of books using almost any device (i.e. tablet, laptop or smartphone). It allows users to highlight text excerpts, make annotations and even add notes. It can also be used for marking favorite pages. This enables users to read and review that page without having to go through the entire book again. Downloaded books are stored in a cloud, which means it can be accessed virtually any time as long as there is an Internet connection. The application offers about a million of book titles in different content types, mediums and subjects. This includes thrillers, cookbooks, classic, textbooks, best sellers and even children’s books.

Toshiba Book Place offers different view modes for reading a book. Users can turn each page by either swiping or tapping it. It even offers a 3D effect. The program also allows imbedded animation, video and even interactivity with the book you are currently reading. Aside from highlighting and note-taking, it can also be used to hyperlink a certain book or page. Users can also hear the story instead of reading it. The program will read the book aloud for you. Toshiba Book Place can also get information about the book or even search the meaning of a particular word without having to leave the book you are reading.