Toshiba Assist

TOSHIBA (Freeware)

Toshiba Assist is a utility program first released in 2010. This program enables users to manage the devices connected to their computer, as well as scanning and fixing solutions that users may encounter with the devices. Toshiba Assist is a pre-installed program and is only compatible with some laptop and notebook computer models manufactured by Toshiba Corporation. This program contains four categories for device management and troubleshooting. The first category is “Connect” which allows users to view and manage their computer connections such as USB, cable, and wireless connections. The next category is called “Secure” which manages the computer’s user accounts, passwords, and security options. Another category is “Protect & Fix” which provides diagnostic tools for errors in device drivers, registry, startup, applications, and other executable files. The last category is “Optimize” which enables users to enhance the performance of their connected devices such as the keyboard, mouse, and USB ports.

Toshiba Assist features a simple user interface that has two main control parts. The first part displays buttons of the program’s tools. These buttons include Connect, Secure, Protect & Fix, and Optimize. The adjacent panel displays the contents of each tool category. Clicking on a content icon displays a short description about the button’s function below the category and content panels. Toshiba Assist also has buttons for the program’s website, help library, and close located on the bottom portion of the program window.