FidoFuz (Freeware)

TorrentHarvester is a free application for improved torrent searches. User queries are recorded, in-depth searches are made for torrent files, and search results are presented through a list.

The program can search for any file type aside from torrents given the appropriate engine file. Downloading of files may be done through the torrent‘s source page or via the search results list. Torrent searching is done by typing file name to be searched, and clicking on the program’s “Search” button or simply pressing “Enter”. One mouse click is capable of automatic file searching through numerous sites. File downloads may be done even with sites that require user subscription via system cookies. Result sorting and filtering on any specific column may also be configured by the user. Engine information is contained in the Engine Designer or XML files, which users can modify. The Engine Designer feature allows users to create their own engines from their preferred sites. Any site which lists file information as well as engines, may be added to user’s favorite torrent websites. Engine updates are directly provided by TorrentHarvester. A total of eighty-eight engines are currently available and constantly updated through the program. Keywords are also supported in torrent searching.