Torrent2Exe 2.0.120 (Freeware)

Torrent2exe is a BitTorrent client application used for downloading torrent files. The program works by downloading the torrent files then turning them into executable files. This eliminates the need to use a third-party BitTorrent client. The application features a two-step process when downloading torrent files. The first step is to input the torrent file (either from the computer’s hard drive or online). When inputting a file from the Internet, the user needs to put the URL of the file. The next step is to choose the size of the executable file then click “Download EXE”. There are two options for choosing the executable file’s size – small and normal size.

The program provides the user the ability to choose where the downloaded .exe files are to be placed. Like other BitTorrent clients, this program also offers different Connectivity options. The available options for this include enabling Local Service Discover, DHT network, NT-PMP port mapping and UPnP port mapping. It is also possible to choose the port when accepting incoming connection. Configuring the Integration of the file is also available in the program. Through this feature, it is possible to add Windows firewall exception, check associations, and start the program on start-up. Torrent2exe is also capable of creating new torrents with available options such as announcing URLs, adding comments, creating private torrents and more.