Torque Game Builder

GarageGames (Shareware)

Torque Game Builder is a game development platform released in 2007. This program is used to develop 2D platformer video games. A Platform game is a video game genre where players focus on jumping actions in order to clear obstacles such as pits and walls, and to move from one platform to another. Torque Game Builder has features such as the use of sprite, scrolling backgrounds, 3D objects, game physics, as well as collision detection. This game-developing platform also supports various scripting and programming languages such as C++, TorqueScript, Adobe Flash, and Visual Basic. In addition to these, Torque Game Builder provides users with tools used to create game effects, tiles, user interfaces, game levels, animation, and packaging. Torque Game Builder also allows users to access the Torque Developer Network with TorqueNET Lite in order to get tutorials, tips, and documentation on creating platform games.

Torque Game Builder features a simple user interface that contains three main parts. First part is the main control bar that executes actions in the program. This section contains buttons used to open and save a project, cut, copy, and paste elements, etc. Next part is the work area where users can view and edit their project. This section can be shown as a gridline to help users in placing elements such as blocks, doors, characters, and other background elements. The last section is the tools palette where users may find various tools and elements used in the game. Users can drag-and-drop elements from this section into the work area.