Toribash 4.31


Toribash is a turn-based fighting game program developed by Hampus Söderström. It was initially released on March 2, 2006. There are two available modes in the game – Single Player and Multiplayer. It is played by holding, relaxing, contracting or extending the different joints of the player’s characters then hitting the spacebar in order to advance time through a user-defined amount. The default amount for this is ten frames. If properly manipulated, a ragdoll will be able to strike another ragdoll. If there’s enough damaged with one strike, one of the ragdoll’s body part may be fractured or dismembered. Properly manipulating the ragdoll’s joint will produce complex attacks.

The game’s goal is to obtain as many points as possible within a single fight. This is done by giving blows on the other ragdoll. The awarded points are based on how much damaged is inflicted on the opponent’s ragdoll. Another way to win in the game is to cause the opponent to become disqualified. A player can be disqualified in two ways – (1) when a restricted body part touches the ground or (2) when the restricted body part touches the outside boundary. Toribash offers different play modes. These are based on match length, amount of frames per turn, ease of fracture/dismemberment and gravity. There are also various mods that can alter the appearance or the ragdoll’s motion. Customizing the player’s character (appearance of the limbs, joints or heads) is also possible.