TORCS - The Open Racing Car Simulator

TORCS Team (Open Source)

TORCS - The Open Racing Car Simulator is a racing game. It has three functions that can cater to a variety of users. First, it may be utilized as a game; second, it allows players to test their programming skills; and third, it may be used as a research platform by teachers and engineers. This open-source program provides users with access to a variety of additional content such as tracks, cars, patches, and documentation. This program supports all types of input devices, so users can control vehicles using a computer steering wheel, the keyboard, a joystick, the mouse, and even a gamepad.

The program lets users race against over a hundred opponents. Players can participate in different kinds of races to suit their skill level, from rookies’ practice sessions up to the championship levels. Aside from driving in races against computer-simulated opponents, users can also use their programming skills in developing their own computer-controlled drivers. Multiplayer races can host up to four human players. TORCS - The Open Racing Car Simulator has a configuration screen that users can access to do the following:

• Configure the racing controls
• Select the preferred car for racing and the transmission mode
• Change the skill level
• Select the auto reverse function
• Specify the number of pit stops for the race, so that the race car will have sufficient fuel

A variety of vehicle categories are available, such as cars from the Sixties era, four-wheel drive models, and even off-road rear wheel drive cars.