Tor Browser 6.0.2

The Tor Project (Freeware)

Tor Browser is a program used for anonymous surfing. It protects the user’s identity so that the location of the connection cannot be tracked. This is a security feature that also prevents third parties from monitoring the user’s computer and Internet activities. The application makes the user anonymous by using algorithms from network servers that are located in different parts of the world. This makes the connection random and untraceable.

The program has a small window that is divided into two sections – Status and Vidalia Shortcuts. The Status section shows if the computer is connected or disconnected from the Tor network. Under Vidalia Shortcuts, users can view the network, choose to use a different identity, stop Tor, or view setup relaying. Users also have access to a bandwidth graph, message log, and settings. The program comes with a comprehensive help file that users can read to learn more about the features of the application. Under the Settings window, users have access to proxy settings and security settings.

More features of the Tor Browser are as follows:

• Support for configuring the application from command prompt window
• Comes with its own web browser window for anonymous surfing
• Simple and easy to use interface