TopWare Earth 2150

TopWare Interactive (Shareware)

TopWare Earth 2150 is a real-time futuristic strategy game. In this game set in the year 2150, the Earth’s population has divided into three factions, namely the Eurasian Dynasty, the Lunar Corporation, and the United Civilized States. During this time, nuclear weapons cause the earth to spin off its orbit and head closer to the sun, creating catastrophic climate changes. The players must then find the means to escape the planet and its moon. Players select which faction to join. The three factions then race to conquer areas that contain the resources required in order to build a spaceship for transporting people to the planet Mars.

The game includes a total of 90 missions in which users get to control different types of military units and construction vehicles. It also has powerful 3D and physics engines for realistic visual effects. Players start the game having a fully functional base; eventually players will gather resources by moving to different locations and setting up other bases. Players have to manage multiple bases: the mission base, the secondary base where the resources are gathered, and the main base.

The game has support for up to 15 players on multiplayer mode. TopWare Earth 2150 also comes with a level and map editor that enables users to create their own mission map for other players to download.