TopStyle Lite

Bradbury Software, LLC (Freeware)

TopStyle Lite is a basic CSS editing program that helps users modify and create style sheets which are implemented into websites. It is comprised of a HTML, XHTML, and CSS editor.

New computer users as well as expert ones can easily use the program . The interface is well-organized and streamlined, and provides quick access for all options. A multi-browser validator and style checker produce style sheets which are multi-browser compatible. Invalid entries found in style sheets are presented to users. The program also highlights bugs (that can affect the display of style sheets) which are found in browsers. A side-by-side preview feature enables users to view results immediately while a CSS syntax is validated compared to multiple browsers. As users enter new properties and classes, the program’s preview function automatically updates to reflect changes that have been made. An automatic suggestion feature also streamlines properties’ entries. In addition, a predefined selectors list is provided which allows users to add HTML elements into codes. Outputs may be saved either as a HTML file or CSS document. The section entitled Style Inspector displays style definitions such as fonts or colors. Other program features include customizable appearance, line numbering, auto-indentation, word wrap, and Homesite and Dreamweaver integration. A limited number of browser versions are supported by the program.