topkey (Proprietary)

Topkey is a platform that offers the following systems: access control system, alarm system, monitoring system, people counting system, and telecommunications system. Its services include delivery, installation, and maintenance of these systems within the time covered by the warranty period as well as after its expiration.

Here are two utilities offered and their basic functions:

The Topkey People Counting System can be implemented in various locations and settings such as museums, shopping malls, network of stores, and other service facilities with high pedestrian traffic. The company ensures that the specifications of the client are met in determining which option to apply to a particular setting. The counting technology offers programs that are also capable of generating reports and may be installed in facilities of varied sizes. Measurement of customer flow is conducted in a professional and reliable way by this utility.

This program also offers a Parking System utility that counts cars and monitors the comings and goings of vehicles in and out of a parking area. Induction loops that are placed inconspicuously at the entrance of the car park detect the cars that pass through. This program may be used in accordance with the Topkey People Counting System. This system also comes with light boards that are used to present relevant information to car park users and these may also be utilized for advertisement purposes.