Otaku Software (Shareware)

The TopDesk application is a desktop management program that makes it easier for users to access programs and files. With one keystroke, users will be able to see the thumbnail images of all the open windows in order to find a specific window. This eliminates the need to browse through all the windows and is especially useful if the user is working on several applications and files. The desktop can be access, too by hiding all of the open windows. The window titles are displayed, too.

TopDesk provides several options for configuring the settings for the program. Under the ‘User Input’ tab on the TopDesk Options window, users can set hot keys for tiling windows, hiding windows, tiling visible windows, and tiling application windows. There are also options for the mouse hotspot actions (top left, bottom center, top center, top right, center right, etc). Additionally, floating buttons can be added to the desktop to access the windows. The layout of the windows on the desktop can be configured, too. This can be done under the ‘Windows’ tab. The window animation, tiled windows, and the colors or the text and labels can be changed. Also, there are advanced options that can be accessed under the ‘Advanced’ tab.