Topaz Moment 3.5

Topaz Labs (Shareware)

Topaz Moment is an application for capturing video stills. A super-resolution technology makes video stills clear, crisp, and clean and prevents pixellated and blurred frame grabs. Different quality videos may be turned into image-quality megapixel prints with the application.

Video frames can be converted to digital images of 4x greater resolution. Video file frames that may be captured include formats such as MPG, AVI, WMV, ASF, RealMedia, and QuickTime.  VCD, DVD video discs, SVCD, DV deck, and mini-DVD camcorder frames may also be directly captured. An advanced noise reduction feature enables frame noise suppression without detail loss. Noise reduction levels are high, median, low, and none. The edge enhancement feature provides picture sharpening without overshooting and noise increase. Image settings that may be customized include hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast. Image outputs may also be scaled or cropped to fit a designated size.  Motion smoothness may be set to high, median, small, and minimum. The super-resolution feature creates images with the highest resolution from multiple video frames. Output image formats include PNG, JPEG, TIF, and BMP files, all of which may be placed in system clipboard. Capture modes provided are capture and enhance, batch capture, auto-save, and quick capture. Lastly, video control may be specified as step or seek forward/backward, and play slow/normal/fast.