Top Speed 3 3.0.3

Playing in the Dark & Ruby AccessWare (Open Source)

Developed by Playing in The Dark & Ruby AccessWare, Top Speed 3 is a racing game that uses only audio as its main communication medium between the game and the player. An option to enable force-feedback joystick is also available. Audio only games like these are usually meant for players with special needs. However, the game can also be enjoyed by everybody else. The game is designed to deliver a full racing experience, with little or no graphics involved at all.

Top Speed 3 is the third version in the Top Speed line of games. It adds a host of new features not available in the previous versions, many of them major changes. These include allowing the player to select “Street Adventures” in the game’s Single Race mode. The opponent AI has also been tweaked to give more realism to the game. Multiplayer mode is also a big addition to this version of the game. Custom, player-constructed tracks are now selectable in multiplayer mode. Other improvements include better automatic gear shift sounds and accurate engine sounds in multiplayer mode. All these new improvements and additional features make for a refreshing new take on the game, especially with the added multiplayer feature, improved AI and support for custom tracks. The program is now discontinued and no longer gets support from developers. It is, however still available for download.