Toon Boom Studio V4.5.0

Toon Boom Animation Inc. (Shareware)

Toon Boom Studio is an application used for creating animations. Animations created with the application are for TV programs, commercials, games, educational programs, and for mobile phones. Professionals mainly use the program, but there is a basic version geared towards beginners.

The program has built-in skeletons, too. Animators just need to attach a character to the built-in skeleton to make it move. There are also tools for manipulating the bones of the skeleton to make it move a certain way. Creating animations can be done from scratch with the variety of drawing tools available in the program. Other features and effects included the application are:

• Natural Effects – Rain, fog, mist, volcano, clouds, and snow
• Ground Trembles – Roll, rattle, and shake for surfaces
• Shadows – Shadows for creating a certain atmosphere
• Color Transform – Creates sunrise and sunset and animate colors
• Audio Sync – automatically synchronizes dialog using lip-syncing engine

Apart from these effects, other features of the program include a library for storing objects and other content, 3-dimensional camera movements, and clipping effects for cutting out parts of a project.

Animations created with Toon Boom Studio can be sent to the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Facebook, or the user’s personal or professional website.