ToolManager Application

Informax, Inc (Proprietary)

Tool Manager is an application that allows users to create new tools or tool links and perform operations on the tools. It also stores registered tool descriptions. The tools it modifies are those found within Vector NTI Advance. The latter is an integrated and comprehensive software suite for analyzing DNA and managing data gleaned from analysis.

Tool Manager has a simple user interface that displays all registered tools and all the operations a user can perform with each of these. Users can modify a tool, create a new tool, rename a tool, create a folder, and delete a folder or a tool. Tools with a .tq file extension can be modified. These files, when opened, have five fields (Name, Description, Input Type, Script and Command). Users can sort their tools and each tool’s sub-menus either by clicking and dropping their tools into a new position or moving their tools to a new folder. Furthermore, users can add Web links to their tool list by clicking and dragging the link to the tool folder name. Lastly, users can use Vector NTI’s program-based and script-based tools with Tool Manager. Program-based tools are used to open an external molecular biology program to perform additional sequence analysis. On the other hand, script-based tools allow users to create portable tools that can be transferred to another platform.