ToneGen 3.04

NCH Software (Shareware)

ToneGen, or NCH Tone Generator is an audio application use for creating tones and waveforms on the computer. The program is able to create tones that are used for testing the alignment levels of radio signals. An alignment level corresponds to the average level of an audio signal. Because of that, audio equipments and sound speakers are calibrated using the program. Calibrating the sound speaker lets the user find out its volume level. Additionally, it can also act as an audio simulator, allowing it to demonstrate to people the basic principles of sound. By creating various sound frequencies, the program is able to create harmonics.

ToneGen is used for testing acoustics. Acoustics is the term given to the overall sound quality that is transmitted in a given environment. The program also allows generation of white noise, which is a kind of noise that has many intensities. Because the program can be used on the computer, it can be used for hearing tests.

ToneGen has a Windows Explorer-like interface. Saving a recorded file can be done through the "Save" button. All the files that are saved can be played immediately through the "Play button". All the files are listed at the central pane. Users can simply “double click” a file to play it.