TomTom International B.V. (Freeware)

TomTom HOME, developed by TomTom International B.V., is a desktop application for TomTom devices. It is used to synchronize and update TomTom devices from the desktop. TomTom HOME can be used for one TomTom device ONLY for six months. TomTom HOME is different from TomTom LIVE Services. The latter is bundled with the real-time navigation services. In order to use the Live Services program, it requires a LIVE connected device while the TomTom HOME program does not.

The application can be used to manage the content on the associated TomTom device. With this application, users can use the TomTom device and all its features directly from the desktop. This program allows users to check for your device’s latest map pre-installed. It also features Map Share™, which can be used to download free daily map corrections. Users can also receive regular updates and download the latest software for the TomTom devices. TomTom HOME is also used for shopping new maps, premium content and services like Safety Cameras, Traffic info, Fuel prices and more. As managing software, TomTom HOME is used for backing up the content of the TomTom DEVICE. Users can also personalize their TomTom device using TomTom HOME. Premium and free content can be downloaded using TomTom HOME.

This software can only be used on TomTom Go, XL, XXL, One, Start, Rider and Navigator 7 devices.