Tomb Raider: Legend

Eidos Inc. (Proprietary)

Tomb Raider: Legend is the 7th installment of the Tomb Raider game series. It is an action-adventure game program published by Eidos Interaction. It was initially released on April 7, 2006. The game is about Lara Croft’s quest to figure out what happened to her mom after a certain incident that occurred during her childhood. This quest eventually leads Lara to the ultimate goal of finding pieces of the Excalibur sword.

This action-adventure game takes players in various terrains including urban skyscrapers, jungle ruins, Himalayas’ icy slopes, an abandoned military research lab and more. The game’s levels include puzzles, combat and traps. There are also big combats against bosses. Aside from the usual breakable containers and crates, new objects are included in the game as well. Lara’s weapons include dual pistons accompanied with alternate weapons. The weapons include submachine gun, assault rifle, grenade launcher and shotgun. Hand grenades are also available after completing the first level. Lara’s backpack is now limited but the pistols still include infinite ammo. Lara’s gears include a flashlight, binoculars and a magnetic grapple. This grapple can be used for moving objects, swinging across gaps and tugging enemies off balance.

The game features a new reward system, which is similar to the “secrets” available in the previous installments. Each level includes multiple bronze and silver statuettes and one gold statuette. The game’s rewards enterprise equip players with un-lockable content, which include pistol upgrades, Lara’s outfits, cheat codes and more.