Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Eidos Inc. (Proprietary)

Tomb Raider:  Anniversary is a remake of the original Tomb Raider game which features enhanced graphics and features suitable for the newer generation of gamers.  Players take on the role of British aristocrat-archeologist Lara Croft who embarks on a mission to retrieve a priceless artifact, an ancient piece of relic called the Scion.

The mission takes players from Croft Manor in England to Peru, and then to Greece and Egypt, and finally to the Lost Island.  Throughout the game, they must run, crawl, jump, balance, climb, swim, and do everything to be able to retrieve items of use.  Weapons, maps, keys, and other objects are hidden in tight spots and dangerous places, and they must find ways to gather them without being killed.  Along the way, they must face and fight deadly enemies, including wild beasts, dinosaurs, bad guys, monsters, and more.

Armed with pistols, grappling hooks, knives, and other tools and weapons, gamers must use skill and strategy to go through the challenges in Tomb Raider: Anniversary.  Aside from traps, puzzles, and numerous dangers, players must figure out the best way to go from one place to another, such as the safest points to jump from one ledge to the next, where to hold on when climbing a steep structure, how to retrieve items underwater without drowning, and so on.