Tom Brennan Software Vista TN3270

Tom Brennan Software (Proprietary)

Tom Brennan Software Vista TN3270 is a Windows emulator software developed by Tom Brennan Software. The program enables users to emulate an IBM 3270 terminal connected via IP Link to a host. This program is developed specifically for mainframe programmers. The program has several functions and features. It features support for TN3270 SNA Terminals particularly as to Highlighting, Graphics, Extended Attributes, and Reverse Video functions. It also offers easy connect and reconnect functions to various hosts for up to 36 host sessions.

Tom Brennan Software Vista TN3270 offers a range of display options including customizable screen colors, brightness control, fonts auto sizing, and bitmap fonts collection. Other important functions include smart words selection, smart words replacement, and smart row or column indicator. It also offers destructive and non-destructive backspace support, cursor control, capture screen to file, and auto keyboard unlock features.

Tom Brennan Software Vista TN3270 features a fully customizable keyboard complete with Find function, Shift, Ctrl, and Alt key definitions, as well as CapsLock or NumLock redefinition. The program also offers customizable popup keypads and toolbars. Users may add or remove toolbar buttons, as well as create toolbar buttons via the bitmap editor tool. Tom Brennan Software Vista TN3270 likewise features support for SSL Encrypted sessions, as well as PC to Host file transfers. The program also works with the Macro/Script processing language enabling users to record or create macro scripts automatically.