Tobe's Adventure

Rayteoactive (Proprietary)

Tobe’s Vertical Adventure is a retro platform game developed by Raymond Teo of Secret Base Games. It was first released in June of 2011 and features a bobble-headed male character named Tobe. The player can take on the role of either Tobe or a female character named Nana, who is described as a rather materialistic girl who is the apple of Tobe’s eye. Tobe used to be an avid video game fan until Nana convinces him to join her in a quest to search for King Garuza’s treasure. Each of these two characters has different abilities, which means that the player’s choice will affect the playing style. Tobe’s skills include wall runs, while Nana is more adept at doing double jumps.

Since Tobe’s Adventure is a classic platformer, the player has to control his/her character until it reaches the bottom of the cave. Part of the adventure is picking up and collecting gems while evading obstacles and hazards such as bad radishes and fireballs. The player can also rescue trapped animals and open treasure chests. Once the player has accessed a large treasure chest, the player has to bring it back up to the top in less than two minutes. As the player progresses in the game, s/he gains more health, gems, and tiny creatures, but the obstacles also become more difficult.